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Manufacturing the Hydroswing® Door

THE Hydroswing®

The single panel hydraulic door market is beginning to mature, with new developments to improve efficiency and lower costs, for large hydraulic doors in the traditional sectors of aviation hangars, farm shops and agricultural buildings.

Door markets in the United States have started to move toward efficiency and 'in life' service cost. In many cases, we've seen the hydraulic door as the way forward over bi-fold doors and other less efficient roller door systems, with many of the US based bifold door manufacturers now having to offer up their own version of a single panel hydraulic door in order to compete with the Hydroswing®.

Working in these
environments is second nature!

manufacturing hydraulic doors

Hydroswing® outgrew its original location for manufacture in Cottonwood, MN. as fuel prices, steel prices and distance to emerging markets around the world opened up, the value from this remote location to the rest of the world could not be delivered effectively as volume increased. Since a major reorganization and redevelopment of the product in 2010, the fabrication model, design and marketing of the Hydroswing® door has found its way to effective worldwide delivery and cost efficiency.

All Hydroswing® doors are fabricated & welded, with each facility stringently audited for welding and quality assurance. The hydraulic components are sourced centrally in the United States for continuous quality and supply chain integrity.

Another set of Hydroswing® on their way!

At Hydroswing®, quality is just one area we set ourselves apart from others. Shot blasting pre-paint is a prime example of our quality systems. ensuring the perfect base for the application of Carboline carboguard 890, adding 50% greater corrosion resistance than other hydraulic door offered in this category. Shot blasting allows an added layer of inspection of the steel for rare imperfections, which remain unseen in non shot blasted door systems.
building a hydraulic hydroswing door shot blast painted
The shot blasting process will ensure your door will be in service for a long time despite the harsh working conditions.
A visual check can now be made and after the door has been cleared it moves on to the painting stage.
The epoxy Carboline Primer 890 is applied in light gray. The final assembly and packing is completed before yet another Hydroswing® door is loaded on the truck!
hydroswing hydraulic hydrolok

The quality control doesn't stop there!

• Premium hydraulic lines,hoses and connectors.

• American welding society (AWS) D1.1 structural welding code.

• Hydroswing® Patented bow truss (US D584,831 S)

• UL certified controls/ motor and pump!

We proudly have over 7,000 doors in service world wide!


Parts Store

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