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The Story

The Hydroswing® Story


Since the days of the cable lift dump truck, the power of hydraulics have provided powerful, simple and reliable solutions for all lifting, opening, locking and closing actuation.

In these modern times, efficiency, cost effectiveness, reduced cost of ownership and modular replacement are all buzz words for machinery, plant, capital equipment and the equipment we use to achieve are goals and undertake our work.

Cable lift dump truck

Whether you're putting the undercarriage down on your aircraft, lifting the cutter bar on your combine or lifting a dock leveler to send goods on their way on a truck, hydraulics are the modern solution to power, activation and reliability.

We see hydraulics replacing cables on the early dump trucks, we see hydraulics replacing cables in elevators, drag lines and excavators, we see hydraulics in all forms of aviation actuation from control surfaces to air brakes, thrust reverser and in the case of the new F 35 Lightening the STOVL duct doors, bomb bay doors and buried munitions bay housings. These are all hydraulic single panel doors by definition.

The Hydroswing® single panel door was a door system born of the need for simplicity, sealing, strength, size, reliability and availability of parts. The Hydroswing® was born from farming, an industry that has revolutionized itself through the use of hydraulics.

Farmers have believed and trusted the fluid power and simplicity of hydraulics now for many years and the DNA of the modern day Hydroswing® proudly continues to build from its 7,000 + units sold to date in aviation, agriculture, industry and architectural market sectors.

The modern day Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door replaces almost all door systems in this space with strength, efficiency, value, aesthetics, reduced maintenance and versatility, replacing bifold cables, straps, sliders, stackers, and fabric doors with ease and certainty of ROI for buyer.

Hydroswing® is the only fully engineered, fully evolved hydraulic door on the market today and its evolution to different sectors and uses is evidence of its superiority.

Evolution is a natural process, and Hydroswing® is a natural selection for all your door needs from 10' wide to 150' wide and now up to 45' tall.

We look forward to providing you with the world's No. 1 Hydraulic door and wall system,
worldwide for a long time to come.

The Hydroswing® is surprisingly cost effective!
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hydroswing hydraulic doors the story

We proudly have over 7,000 doors in service world wide!


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