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Aircraft Hangar Door Testimonials

"We own a small airpark in Wichita Kansas where we live and work. We currently have over 100 aircraft base here and are expanding at a very good pace. Last year we added 35 home lots and 39 hangar/condo lots. Six years ago we bought our first Hydroswing for our FBO show room. Since that time, we have built over 100 hangars and installed about every popular brand of door available. As time has gone on and the other doors start to get used they start break. As the airport owners we get the calls seven days a week, whenever a door is broken and a customer can not get there aircraft out. After many long nights and embarrassing events working on doors with cables and straps, I am very please to say that we never have had a single problem with the Hydroswing door. The Hydroswing has fewer moving parts and seals much better, we love the reliability and quality that the door provides. We have over 75 hangars going up in the years to come and every one will have a Hydroswing!"
Dwayne Clemens, Stearman Field, Wichita, KS
"A work of art compared to other doors! The installation of our 42' by 14' was very straight forward. Hydroswing delivers quite a bang for your buck when comparing quality with other door manufacturers. There is simply no other choice when all things are considered"
Phillip Zinck, Rumford, ME
"It has been my life-long dream to own a hanger in private airport community and to have my very own. My dream has come true and I couldn't be happier. I am really happy with everything about the door, everything went very smoothly!"
Michael Granet, Cumberland, MD
"I just wanted to drop you a line and say how pleased I am with our Hydroswing Doors. As the Airport Manager at West Houston Airport, I have had a lot of bad experiences with other door companies. I will encourage new hangar owners to contact you for purchase of a Hydroswing Door and share my excellent experience with them. They work extremely well and you did exactly what you said and delivered them on time."
Woody Lesikar, Houston, TX
"We're specking Hydroswing for all replacements and all new construction. Enough said."
Kevin Harvey, Operations Manager, St. Augustine Port Authority, FL
"This is a testimony about the Hydroswing Door that I installed myself seven years ago and have had told everyone how great they are! I have sold people in our neighborhood and other flying communities your door. The airplane hangar door blends in perfectly with the house, so I have had people ask "How do you get you airplane out?" The door is Stucco just like the house so it is a very heavy door but it still works like a dream."
Harold Hedrick, Hidden Lake Airport, New Port Richey, FL.
"We have had a Hydroswing door on our 3rd hangar for almost a year now & remain very pleased with it. Our previous doors did not work as well - or as fast (27 seconds for the 42" x 12" Hydroswing), nor did they seal as well! The Hydroswing folks have always been very phone friendly and willing to help troubleshoot problems or questions I had about the door. I installed the Hydroswing door itself (i.e., excluding the insulation & sheet metal) with just my wife & a friend on a rented forklift to help; it was the largest single structure I have ever put up on my own without professional help and, although a bit intimidating early on, the entire process went like clockwork."
Michael Trusty, Oklahoma
"The door worked exactly as I had hoped and as advertised. I am extremely pleased with it. It is the best feature of my hangar. I have, and will continue to recommend Hydroswing Doors to others who are looking for Airplane Hangar Doors."
Bob Falstad, Georgetown, TX
"I really want to let you know how helpful the truck driver was. He helped unload the doors and told of delivering doors to many satisfied Hydroswing customers. He is a real positive ambassador for Hydroswing. I'll send pictures when all installed." Everybody at Hydroswing has been a delight to work with."
Steve Williams
"Congratulations on a fine product! I brag about your door all the time - and you should too!"
Richard G. Krause, Ocklawah, FL
"What a delight to conduct business with your firm. From initial call, through the ordering process, shipping and customs to Canada and meeting some of your staff at Oshkosh, it has been a positive professional experience. "I can't remember the last time that I dealt with a firm for the first time that was thousands of miles away and everything arrived on time, as advertised, with clear instructions and with no parts missing." Actually, the door was prepared more than I had anticipated and the assembly and installation went very smoothly. The door worked perfectly the very first time. "This is the first Hydroswing Door for this area, but from the positive feedback from all my pilot friends, I am sure that it will not be the last. Congratulations on assembling a first class team that builds a first class product."
Brian Pound, Carstairs, Alberta, Canada


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