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Hydraulic Architectural Door Testimonials

"A work of art compared to other doors! The installation of our 42' by 14' was very straight forward. Hydroswing delivers quite a bang for your buck when comparing quality with other door manufacturers. There is simply no other choice when all things are considered"
Phillip Zinck, Rumford, ME
"It has been my life-long dream to own a hanger in private airport community and to have my very own. My dream has come true and I couldn't be happier. I am really happy with everything about the door, everything went very smoothly!"
Michael Granet, Cumberland, MD
"We own a small airpark in Wichita Kansas where we live and work. We currently have over 100 aircraft base here and are expanding at a very good pace. Last year we added 35 home lots and 39 hangar/condo lots. Six years ago we bought our first Hydroswing for our FBO show room. Since that time, we have built over 100 hangars and installed about every popular brand of door available. As time has gone on and the other doors start to get used they start break. As the airport owners we get the calls seven days a week, whenever a door is broken and a customer can not get there aircraft out. After many long nights and embarrassing events working on doors with cables and straps, I am very please to say that we never have had a single problem with the Hydroswing door. The Hydroswing has fewer moving parts and seals much better, we love the reliability and quality that the door provides. We have over 75 hangars going up in the years to come and every one will have a Hydroswing!"
Dwayne Clemens, Stearman Field, Wichita, KS
"Installing an overhead door, instead of a Hydroswing door, would have required 2' more ceiling space. "Going with 16' walls, rather than 18', almost paid for the door," Gerald says. And the lower walls give us less space to heat."
Gerald Roberts
"We looked at many different options for our 9800 sq ft shop. Hydroswing shined in quality of materials & workmanship. They promised good support & they followed through. Of the three doors we bought, we had a problem with one. A phone call and it was taken care of. They were easy to assemble and installation was remarkably easy plus they were cost competitive with other styles of doors. We are very happy with them."
Michael P. Miller, Miller Bros. Farms Inc., Valley Falls, KS
"You should be very, very proud of the product you produce. This will be the fourth door we have purchased for your company. We would not buy anything else!!!"
Scott Heinen, Heinen Brothers
"Not only is your product of top quality, your follow-up service is the best in the business. Your way of doing business is TOP OF THE LINE!! There are approximately seven Hydroswing Doors here; I have never had one complaint about any of them. Thanks to your staff for prompt and courteous service after the sale"
Sincerely, Jim Herritt, Ocala, FL


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