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Retro Fit broken Bifold or Slider Door

Replace and Improve your Door

Select which type you would like to replace and see the gains from replacing old, dangerous and worn out hangar doors with the Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door.
Each of these door types have been replaced by a Hydroswing® retrofit.
"Remember we can literally move walls"

Why Replace & Improve? Here are the top 10 reasons...

1 Safety... there have been several bifold fatalities in the last 18 months

2 Hangar has outlived the door system

3 Increase clear opening sizes, regain side and header space

4 Better door system now available with less moving parts up to 150' x 40'

5 Reduction in heating or cooling costs

6 Increase overall value of hangar for rental or resale

7 Reduce annual service/ownership costs

8 Create better look for value or pleasure

9 Renovation of T hangars for sale or rental income

10 Increase primary hangar security for insurance or aircraft owner/tenant

hydroswing hydraulic door bi fold door comparison
The red color shows the head room lost by the bifold and next to it how much you gain by retro fitting the Hydroswing® single panel door system. Read More
hydroswing hydraulic door slider sectional door comparison
The green color shows the extra space brought back by retro fitting the Hydroswing® single panel door system. Read More
We proudly have over 7,000 hydraulic doors in service!

• With up to 200mph wind loading

• Doors 40' tall and 150' wide

• 70% less moving parts

• Over 7,000 single panel doors in service

• Many patented innovations making us unique

• 100% more secure than fabric

• No significant loss of headroom

IF IT'S NOT FROM Hydroswing®
IT'S NOT A Hydroswing®

Parts Store

hydroswing hydraulic door parts store


T +1 647 534 3845
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